Research & Projects


Despite teaching, members of the Department also devote their time to publication and research activities, thanks to which the Department gained significant reputation not only in the Czech Republic, but also in terms of Central European area.

As for the professional specialization of the Department, it is possible to talk about broader thematic spectrum. 

Academic research and publication activities of the particular Department members take place within several major thematic and research fields. Those include comparative studies of the Central and West European area and their ties with respect to the integration processes, the issue of political and institutional development of the European Union, expansion of EC / EU, US foreign policy, European political parties, strategic and security studies, international relations theories, integration theories and issues of energy security. Scientific profile of the Department of International Relations and European Studies is reflected in the topics of published scientific monographs, accessible to the general and professional public. 



The Department intensively develops its research activities. Its members are principal investigators of the grants from Czech as well as foreign institutions.

The Department participated in the European Commission’s Jean Monnet Project. We have been assigned a post of Jean Monnet Chair.

We also actively participate in European projects for education and competitiveness. We innovate subjects, organize summer schools and invite professional lectures from abroad. We are also involved in the specific research of MU. 

We are currently working on these projects:

  • bEUcitizen - All Rights Reserved? Barriers towards EUropean CITIZENship (320294) 
    European Union / 7th Specific RTD Programme

  • Česká města a regiony v EU (MUNI/FR/1312/2016) 
    Masaryk University / MU Development Fund

  • Extending and reinforcing good practice in teacher development (2016-1-SK01-KA203-022551)
    European Union / Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

  • Rozvoj metodologických znalostí a jejich aplikace pro doktorské studenty KMVES a KPOL na FSS (MUNI/FR/1344/2016)
    Masaryk University / MU Development Fund

  • Výzkum participace na lokální opozici (GJ17-08554Y)
    Czech Science Foundation / Juniorské granty

  • Germany and military out-of-area operations: civilian power, trading state, or middle power? (ID 17-12243S)
    Czech Science Foundation

  • Methodology for the forecast, early warning, and prevention of threats to Czech internal security from regional armed conflicts (ID VI20172020094)
    Ministry of the Interior of the Czech republic


You can find information about other research activities on the profiles of the Department employees. For summary information about our Department see the list of Department’s projects.