Visiting lecturers

Every academic year we welcome a host of lecturers from abroad. In the past two years, this has included for example: 

Bradley Thayer

MVZ450 Human Evolution and International Politics

César Díaz-Carrera

MVZ502 Creative Leadership: Facing 21st Century Challenges

Dmitry Pobedash

MVZ253 Russian-American Relations in 1990-2016

Eitan Adres

MVZ498 Negotiating in a globalized arena

Eitan Kyiet a Eitan Adres

MVZ496 Israel and Politics of Innovation: The Start-up Nation 

Gerlinde Groitl

MVZ255 US Foreign Policy under President Donald J. Trump

Guy Ben Porat

MVZ504 Israel: Nationalism, Religion

Houman Sadri

IRE209 Current developments in the Caspian Region

John Frederick Wilton

EVS420 Political Issues and Social Policy in the European Union

John P. Rose

MVZ463 Global Security Challenges

Santino Lo Bianco

EVS464 The Schengen Roadmap: adapting EU’s justice

Siegmar Schmidt

MVZ241 Democracy, the state and conflict in Africa

Tuck MacRae

MVZ505 Managing Projects in an International Context

Wieger Bakker

EGO425 The European dimension of local policymaking

William Bain

MVZ501 Political and International Ethics

Wojciech Lewandowski

MVZ240 Politics, International Relations and Popular Culture

András Schweitzer

IRE217 Hungarian foreign policy

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