European Political Parties After the East EU Enlargement

Authors: doc. PhDr. Vít Hloušek, Ph.D., PhDr. Petr Kaniok, Ph.D. (eds.)

Political science research has paid more attention to the the European party system in the recent years and the publication Evropské politické strany po východním rozšíření Evropské unie is a part of this attention. The presented studies deal with the analysis of  how do the political parties of new member states of Central and South-East Europe perform, and with the fraction of the European parliament. The analysis focuses especially on the history of relation between parties of post-communist countries and European political parties, on compliance and programmatic diversity of these parties with the European parties and finally, on the possible differencies in the voting within the European Parliament factions. The readers thus put their hands on a well-founded publication, which introduces a number of new scientific knowledge embedded in the broader context of political science which are based on the research analysing the primary sources.

The authors are current and recent students of the European studies field at the Department of International Relations and European studies at Faculty of the Social Studies at Masaryk University. Editors of the publication give lectures on the very same department and close cooperate with the International Institute of Political Science at Masaryk University.