Osička co-authored a new study

24 Jan 2019

Jan Osička, along with a PhD candidate Colin Kimbrell and a recent graduate of the Energy Security program Jitka Kuncová authored a new study titled Waste-to-Energy in the Danube Strategy Region: Challenges and Prospects. The study presents the current state and main challenges for the development of the waste-to-energy (WtE) industry in the countries of the Danube Strategy Region (DSR). WtE is a complex topic overlapping with other prominent issues, such as sustainability, resource security, and the circular economy. The study provides a general overview of WtE technologies and associated systems, presents a cursory look at relevant EU legislation and statistics, details the main challenges facing the development of WtE projects, outlines the situation in the DSR countries, and, finally, presents a case study of a selected successful project.

The study was procured on behalf of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic.

The study is available from this link.

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