Brusenbauch Meislová on Framing of Brexit in Czechia and Hungary

6 Jun 2021

Monika Brusenbauch Meislova co-authored a newly published paper titled "Exploitation Opportunities for Distant Crises: Political Framings of Brexit in the Czech Republic and Hungary" published in the Problems of Post-Communism journal. 

The paper examines how Brexit was framed and exploited by two EU member state governments, Czechia and Hungary. The authors conceptualize Brexit as a “distant crisis” for these two countries: although it is likely to have significant impacts, these are uncertain and not immediate. Building on the crisis-framing literature, the authors apply frame analysis to examine governmental rhetoric and find that both governments have instrumentalized Brexit for internal purposes by pragmatically adapting their discursive positions on it to fit their political calculus on both domestic and European issues.

The paper is available here

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