New Questions of European Integration

Author: doc. prof. PhDr. Petr Fiala Ph.D., LL.M.

Evropský mezičas deals with a number of questions which the European Union faces nowadays. The consequences of repeated EU enlargement, the rejection of the European Constitutional Treaty by the citizens, growing scepticism about the purpose and need of further integration, economic and financial difficulties, new external threats and increasing problems related to integration of socially, religiously or otherwise defined groups – these are the visible signs of social, economic, cultural and political processes, which have been recently taking place in Europe.

The author convincingly explains deeper causes of these phenomenons and engagingly guides the reader through a tangle of problems which appears in the labyrinth of European political structures and processes. Whether he pays attention to the relations between EU member states, the importance of national interests in integration processes, structural, content or value conditions of European democracy, or expectations of further integration, he does it on the basis of precise theoretically based political science analysis, which aims not only at the description, but mainly on the explanation.

The publication sheds a light on suprising connections between many political and social phenomenons of today’s Europe and shows them from often unexpected perspectives. It is intended for those who find the superficial media interpretation of politics insufficient and therefore want to gain a deeper undestanding of political life European societies and are ready to think about the present Europe. 

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