Kaniok and Brusenbauch Meislová on (De)Politicization of Brexit

22 Sep 2020

Petr Kaniok and Monika Brusenbauch Meislov published an article on (de)politicization of Brexit in the Journal of Contemporary European Studies (Taylor and Francis, Routledge). The article examines which parliamentary actors in Czechia and Slovakia have tried to de/politicize Brexit, and which strategies they have applied while doing so. The authors argue that Brexit is largely depoliticized in Czech and Slovak Parliaments, with many factors intimately interlinked and jointly at work in its de/politicization. At the same time, they show that the lines of conflict on Brexit run in multiple directions and that the government/opposition status, left/right scale placement, and the pro-EU/anti-EU approach appear to be important factors of parliamentarians’ tendencies to de/politicize the Brexit issue.

The text is available from this link.

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