Ocelík on Exchange of Scientific Information in Climate Policy-Making Processes

17 Feb 2020

Petr Ocelík co-authored article “Information exchange networks at the climate science-policy interface: Evidence from the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, and Portugal” published in the prestigious Governance journal. The article, written by a team led by Paul Wagner from University of Helsinki, is part of the international project Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks which examines climate-related policy-making contexts in twenty countries.

The article focuses on the transmission of scientific information needed for efficient policy-making and shows that scientific organizations are indeed favored sources. This adds further evidence that the availability of scientific evidence is not sufficient for the adoption of adequate policy responses. Moreover, the Czech Republic was the only country where actors obtain scientific information from those with similar policy beliefs which further contributes to policy polarization and enables policies which are not in line with scientific evidence.

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