Ivo Pospíšil and Vít Hloušek on the Czech Politics

24 Apr 2020

Publishing house Palgrave issued a book Czech Democracy in Crisis, a collective monograph written among others by Ivo Pospíšil and Vít Hloušek.

Ivo discussed the impact of the Czech Constitutional Court. He explained why its “activism” is not a problem and why this institution remains a safe harbour on the shaky sea of Central European politics. Together with Stanislav Balík, Vít contributed with a chapter on Czech electoral systems and the Czech party system. They showed that there are many challenges the party system is facing, many of which is a product of limited political participation of the Czech citizens. Finally, yet importantly, we are proud to mention that co-editor of the book Hana Formánková, currently at the University of Leipzig, is an alumnus of our study programs International Relations and European Studies.

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