Graduate profile

Become an academic professional

During the MA Programme in European Governance you will be trained to analyse complex problems of European governance from multiple perspectives, including economics, law, political science and public administration. Moreover, you will learn to apply abstract knowledge and theory to real-life problems, through case studies, simulations and policy-oriented research projects. In this way, you will become an academic professional, someone who can use academic knowledge to analyse and solve complex problems in different contexts and from different perspectives. This opens up a wide range of job opportunities in local, regional and national governments, the EU institutions, other European organisations, non-profit and profit organisations, and consultancy firms that deal with issues of European governance.

Career prospects

The unique combination of expertise within the participating Universities' faculties offers an opportunity for a challenging international Master's programme. It provides students with a sound academic training that prepares them for professional positions in a range of organisations:

  • Local, regional and national governments, which increasingly work within a European context.
  • The EU institutions, such as the European Commission and EU agencies.
  • Other international organisations working in Europe.
  • Non-profit organisations that are confronted with issues of European governance.
  • Firms, whose regulatory environment is largely shaped by processes of European governance.
  • Consultancy firms.

Programme graduates typically acquire academic-level jobs in private organisations or organisations with a public function, in positions such as policy advisor, consultant, or a manager or researcher at research and consultancy organisations.