Study curricula

1. semster (Kraków, PL)

  • International Relations since 1945
  • Current Developments in International Public Law
  • International Financial Markets
  • Theory of International Relations
  • Culture and Society in Contemporary Europe. Dilemmas of Identity and Pluralism
  • Some Central European Ideas that Have Mattered
  • Intellectual property. Legal standards and protection
  • Safety in workplace (BHP)


2. semester (Brno, CZ)

Compulsory Courses

  • Introduction to Governance and Multilevel Politics
  • Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Making of Europe (European System of States since 1648)

Optional Courses

  • Comparative Politics of EU countries
  • Energy Policy of the EU
  • Europe and Global Politics
  • European Union in European Politics since 1989


3. semester (Pécs, HU)

  • Political Culture in CEECs – with a special focus on Hungary
  • V4 in transition - focusing on the question of Hungarian democracy
  • International Political Economy – the V4 States and the Economic Transformation
  • Ecopolicy and sustainable development


4. semester  (Banská Bystrica, SK)

  • Political system of Visegrad countries
  • Geopolitics of V4 Countries
  • Economic integration of Europe
  • Europe and internal/external borders