European Governance

Double-degree programme with Utrecht University.

Dealing with important questions in today's Europe

  • Financial markets in crisis - how can they be regulated?
  • Sustainable energy - how can we make the transition to a green economy?
  • Welfare states - should they be reformed to foster economic growth, and if so how can this be done?
  • Cross-border policing - what are the emerging patterns of intelligence sharing and law enforcement?
  • Homogenisation - are European countries becoming more similar because of the EU?
  • Unifier or underminer - does the EU pose a threat to democracy?

These are among the most important questions in Europe today. Each of them involves activities at local, national and European level, and each requires insights from economics, law and public administration. The interdisciplinary MA Programme in European Governance will equip you with the knowledge and skills to answer these questions and to formulate appropriate responses to the challenges they pose. In this way, it prepares you to deal with and work within the complexity of European governance - both in Brussels and at home.

For more information go to the programme´s page. 

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