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Padrtová on Arctic Narratives for China University of Political Science and Law Press

Friday, November 09, 2018

In recent years, the Arctic region has been attracting the attention of scholars around the world. The opening of the Arctic Ocean brings both, new opportunities and challenges, many of which are described and presented as a security threat for the Arctic society, Indigenous peoples, environment or state. The securitization of the Arctic has been increasingly visible. The certain issue is not becoming a security matter because there is a real existential threat, but because the issue is presented as a threat by the securitizing actor. Despite the eminent interest in the Arctic (both academic and policy), there is a lack of comprehensive research mapping and analyzing securitizing actors.

The aim of Barbora´s chapter is to contribute to a better understanding of the securitization phenomenon in the Arctic, while focusing on the United States, as one of the five Arctic Rim states. Barbora identifies and analyzes key U.S. securitizing actors of the Arctic. Additionally, the paper provides a typology of four different narratives - framing of the Arctic - applied by the U.S. securitizing actors.