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New projects of Zdeněk Kříž and his team

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Associate professor Zdeněk kříž and his team marked great successes by acquiring two research grants focused on security-related issues.

The first project will be conducted by a team comprising Zdeněk Kříž, Jana Urbanovská a Stanislava Šerfelová. The first project was supported by the Grant Agency of The Czech Republic and is titled “Germany and military out-of-area operations: civilian power, trading state, or middle power?”. The project deals with Germany´s involvement in the so called "out-of-area" operations and has 3 main goals: to determine the constellation of conditions under which Germany does or does not participate in these operations 2. extrapolate from this constellation the type of policy Germany is pursuing, whether that of a civilian power, a trading state, or a middle power; and 3. discuss the ability of dominant international relations theories to explain Germany’s conduct in this issue. The project is set to conclude in 2019.

The second project will be also dealt with by the team under the lead of Zdeněk Kříž: Martin Chovančík, Zinaida Bechná, Jana Urbanovská, Hana Votradovcová and Kateřina Fridrichová. The project was supported by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech republic and is titled “Methodology for the forecast, early warning, and prevention of threats to Czech internal security from regional armed conflicts”. The project´s objectives are to formulate a latent conflict escalation forecast model based on mixed-method design and develop the model into an applicable methodology for the forecast, early warning, and prevention of threats to Czech internal security specifically from regional armed conflicts. The project is set to conclude in 2020.