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Kříž, Urbanovská & Brajerčíková on military cooperation between V4 and Germany

Monday, July 23, 2018

Zdeněk Kříž along with Jana Urbanovská and the department´s PhD candidate Stanislava Brajerčíková marked a publication success by publishing an article titled "Defense Co-Operation Between Germany and the Visegrad Countries" in a prestigious The Journal of Slavic Military Studies.

The journal is listed in the first decile of pertinent journals indexed in the SCOPUS database. 

As hinted by the title, the article deals with the issue of defence cooperation between the Visegrad Group and Germany. The authors come to a conclusion that opportunities for the cooperation of these states are rather limited and even Germany itself does not see a substantial potential in such a setting.


The article is available on the Taylor & Francis publishing house website