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Jirušek & Kuchyňková on Gazprom´s conduct in post-communist countries

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Is the Russian gas giant the Kremlin´s tool or just a ‘standard’ company capable to navigate its way in various environments? That is the main question addressed in the new article by Martin Jirušek and Petra Kuchyňková titled: „The Conduct of Gazprom in Central and Eastern Europe: A Tool of the Kremlin, or Just an Adaptable Player?“.  

The text focuses on the Gazprom´s conduct in four post-communist countries: Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Moldova and Belarus. Here, the authors not only demonstrate the company´s conduct but also identify the main determining factors for its behaviour. The text was published in the East European Politics and Societies and Cultures journal and is available in the Masaryk University network via the following link