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Conference on energy policy planning in CEE - coming soon

Friday, April 07, 2017

On May 4, the Faculty of Social Studies will host a conference titled Energy in Central Europe - A Region on a Crossroad of Trends.  

The conference will address the issue of energy policy planning from the perspective of the Czech Republic and the broader region of the Central and Eastern Europe with regard to current formative trends in the sector. The conference will mainly focus on power generation and role of ‘traditional’ sources (i.e. coal, nuclear power and gas) and renewables. Related policy aspects will be addressed as well. The goal of the conference is to provide views on the biggest challenges related to the region and propose possible solutions in light of far-reaching ongoing changes within and outside of the EU.

The conference is planned as a full-day event with two main perspectives/parts of the issue to be covered. The first panel will focus on the nuclear energy and its role in power generation with regard to ongoing trends. The second panel will closely follow up on the first one by assessing the issue from the perspective of renewables. The program will be concluded by a discussion aimed on proposing guidelines for the future Czech energy policy.

Registration is available here.

Facebook page of the event.