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PhDr. Pavel Pšeja, Ph.D.

PhDr. Pavel Pšeja, Ph.D.

He works as an assistant professor at the Department of International Relations and European Studies at Faculty of Social Studies MU, where he has worked since its establishment. After finishing his Master‘s degree in Political Science at Faculty of Arts MU in 1996, he worked as an independent translator specialized in research texts in the field of social sciences and humanities. In September 1997 he took the post of assistant professor at Kabinet sociálních trendů FSS MU, where he worked until December 1998. After a short intermezzo as a free-lance translator he took the post of assistant at the Department of Political Science FSS MU in September 1999, from where he moved to the Department of International Relations and European Studies FSS MU. He lectured and still lectures in a number of European countries (e.g. Poland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, and other), in the US, Jordan and Israel. Since 2008 he has been workingas external expert of the European Commission for evaluation of the 7th framework programme or the Horizon 2020 programme in the position of vice-president of the ECOSOC programme of Marie Curie-Sklodowska Awards. He has been awarded a number of prestigious awards and grants (Fulbright, Erasmus Mundus, Masaryk Distinguished Chair and other). Since 2016 he has been working as a Country Expert within the Varieties of Democracy programme.

He is the author of monograph Stranický systém České republiky a Politické strany a jejich vývoj 1989- 1998 (2005), the co-author of monographies Komunismus v České republice (with J. Holzer, M. Mareš and P. Fiala, 2000), Moc a zájmy v mezinárodním systému. Procesy, aktéři a problémy v mezinárodních vztazích (with O. Krpec, Z. Kříž and P. Suchý, 2015) a The Czech Politics: From the West to East and Back Again (with V. Hloušek, J. Holzer, L. Kopeček, A. Roberts and S. Balík, 2017); the editor or co-editor of five collective works and the author or co-author of about sixty research texts in domestic and foreign collective works (published by Barbara Budrich of Routledge) and journals (including those with impact factor). In recent years, he focuses professionally and educationally on transformation of the Central Europe, comparative democratisation and the relation between Israel and the European Union.

Besides his activities at FSS MU he worked as a translator; his published works include more than a dozen book titles (among them also Dějiny křesťanství Paula Johnsona) and more than 50 research articles. In 2000 – 2009 he also held various posts in Centre for the Study of Democracy and Culture (CDK); in recent years he has still ocassionally cooperated with CDK and People in Need organisation on projects on the support of democracy in various places of the world, including practical field work (Barma, Cuba). Since September 2014 he is a member and since 2016 the president of the Board of Directors at DEMAS, which is an umbrella organisation of a number of Czech NGOs active in the field of support of human rights and democracy in the world. 


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