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Mgr. Vladan Hodulák, Ph.D.

Mgr. Vladan Hodulák, Ph.D.

At the Department of International Relations and European Studies FSS MU in Brno he works as a researcher – postdoc. He finished his Doctoral degree in International Relations in 2012 at Faculty of Social Studies MU. In 2013 he worked as Visiting Scholar at the Department of Economics at University of Missouri – Kansas City.

In his research he focuses on international political economy, especially on the role of power in international monetary and financial relations and on the development of international economic institutions.

He is the co-author (with Oldřich Krpec) of books Politická ekonomie mezinárodních vztahů and Evropa ve světové ekonomice. He further published several research articles and chapters in collective works.



Room 426, phone: 549 49 4982, e-mail: vlod@mail.muni.cz

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