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Lidská práva v Evropské unii / Human Rights in the European Union

Lidská práva v Evropské unii / Human Rights in the European Union


Mgr. Hubert Smekal, M.A., Ph.D.

Firstly, Lidská práva v Evropské unii aims to theoretically describe whether there is a gradual penetration of the influence of transnational levels of government into the traditional sphere of the interests of nation states – modification and implementation of human rights issue – and how does it happen. How can the transnational authority fit into the decision-making monopol of a state on dealing with subjects in jurisdiction? How is it possible that after fifty years, a mostly economic organisation develops into a subject seeking its own legally binding catalog of fundamental rights? And particularly – what actors can be found behind this change? The classic integration theories – intergovernmentalism and neofunctionalism – aim to describe why the states closely cooperate and give up their decision-making monopol in favour of a transnational subject in order to understand integration, however, they have been considered already outdated. The book therefore also introduces recent European integration theories that should explain the integration process better. The publication does not focus directly on the application of theories, it attempts to offer its own general scheme to explain the on-going extension of the EU’s scope. Specifically, it tries to present an explanation of the whole process of human rights issue implementation into the scope of the EU.